mocca java extra cream

so i had tons of fun at Mocca fest, it was really cool! im totally getting a table again next year. i had great table neighbors, and met tons of awesome artists and supporters.

my head was cut off, but oh well, atleast my table is pretty for me
i did tons of trades and i loved it! i love comics so that was totally the best part.<br>now for a ridiculous list of awesome people who did tradesiez with meee: donald george(my table buddy), kiki  jones, felipe  galindo, yao xiao, black wolf (traded a cd!), victoria salvador, henry fernau, robin enrico, amy duenfelder, vanessa taffuri, maggie siegel-berele,
christina castaneda, julian rowe jenn steffey, isam prado, sono andersen-kel, lena chandhok, vreni stollberger, sophie goldstein , and a couple of folks who didn’t have websites (come on guyesss)check all of them out. they’re supercool!